Who am I?


Like the Giraffe I have seven cervical vertebra in my neck and like the giraffe I have two ossicones on my head. My colors are perfectly suited for life in my tropical habitat where I eat fruit, fungi, plants and ferns.

I have rod cells in my eyes that are usually found where the owner has to operate in lower light environments. These are concentrated in the retina and make for improved night vision although I am primarily diurnal which means I am up and about mostly in the day.

The Okapi lives in the rain forests of Congo in Central Africa and looks like a cross between a Zebra and an antelope but has aspects relating to the giraffe which happens to be its closest relative.

The Okapi has a thick oily fur which helps it stay dry in the rain forest environment. Like the giraffe and the cow, the okapi has four stomachs to digest the plant material and like the giraffe, has a tongue that is 14 to 18 inches long.

An okapi calf can walk within 30 minutes of being born but cannot defecate until a month old which helps avoid predators being able to find them. In addition, the mother communicates with the calf making sounds that are out of human hearing range.

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