The Upside Down Tree !

upside down tree
#upside down tree
…and each animal was given a tree but the hyena was late and was given the baobab as no one else wanted it. The hyena was very upset and planted it upside down.

The awesome African Baobab tree grows some 25 meters tall and has no rings like a normal tree which makes it difficult to age. Radio carbon dating has indicated that some trees are well over 1500 years old !

The San Bushmen use the tree as a source of water with the trunk consisting of up to 80% water, it expands and contracts according to the season and the available water. For nine months of the year one will find the tree barren of leaves as in stands sentinel over the African bush.

Also referred to as the cream of tartar tree the Baobab had a hard fruit with a white powder that is used as a porridge supplement and even to make an ice cream base in Mozambique.

cream of tartar
baobab fruit
inside cream of tartar
Baobab fruit contents

The Baobab flowers once a year except along the ivory coast where it is known to flower and bear fruit twice a year.

baobab flower

The Baobab roots can be used to make a red dye and the bark for making baskets and rope. In addition the fruit is used by locals for treating various diseases including fever, diarrhea and dysentery.

Sadly a lot of these tree have been dying abruptly in the last ten years with no explanation but possibly to do with global warming.

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